2023 Conference Speakers


Heather Cooks-Sinclair - Austin Public Health Department

Heather Cooks-Sinclair is an epidemiologist for Austin Public Health (APH) with more than 15 years of experience in a variety of aspects of epidemiology and disease surveillance.  During her time with APH, she has served as the Public Health Preparedness Epidemiologist, Foodborne Epidemiologist, Chronic Disease Epidemiologist, and Disease Surveillance Supervisor.

She currently serves as the Epidemiology and Disease Surveillance Unit Manager at APH.

Heather has extensive experience analyzing community health data, managing outbreak investigations, coordinating with community partners, and leading highly regarded epidemiology and disease surveillance teams.


Sgt. Michael Crumrine - Austin Police Department

Michael Crumrine is a Sergeant with the Austin Police Department with more than 36 years of law enforcement experience. He is currently a sergeant in the Child Abuse Unit and supervises investigations involving the physical and sexual abuse of children. Sergeant Crumrine began his investigative career in the adult Sex Crimes Unit, investig

ating felony and misdemeanor sexually related offenses against adult victims. He was also a detective in the Homicide Unit and the Sex Offender Apprehension and Registration Unit (SOAR).

Sergeant Crumrine is a founding member and current President of the Lesbian and Gay Peace Officers Association - Austin's first and only LGBTQI+ Peace Officers Association.  Sergeant Crumrine has written and trained nationally and internationally on the subject of intimate partner and sexual violence in the LGBTQI+ community as well as how to improve the relationship between the community and the criminal justice system.

Sergeant Crumrine has trained for many organizations, including the Federal Bureau of Investigations (F.B.I.), the International Association of Chiefs of Police, the United States Department of Defense, the United States Department of Justice, the Office of Violence Against Women, the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault, Texas Department of Public Safety and the United States Office for Victims of Crime. Sergeant Crumrine is a member of the End Violence Against Women International Cadre of experts and continues to consult nationally and internationally in the above-mentioned fields.


Madison Domin, LMSW - Out Youth Austin

Madison “Maddie” Domin is a dedicated Social Worker with genuine desire to form trusting relationships and advocate for an individual's best interest. She currently serves as the Transgender Wellness Social Worker for Out Youth in Austin, Texas.

Recognized for organized and dynamic treatment plans and outcomes, Maddie is a trauma professional skilled in therapeutic services, guided imagery, gender and sexuality topics, and motivational interviewing.  She received her Masters of Science in Social Work from the University of Texas at Austin, Steve Hicks School of Social, and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Texas Christian University,Harris College of Nursing and Health Sciences with a Bachelor of Social Work and Minors in Child Development and Women & Gender Studies.

Her certifications and training include:

  • Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Motivational Interviewing Advanced Clinical Course
  • Crisis Intervention Clinical Course
  • Introductory EMDR Training | PESI
  • Adult ADHD: Targeting Executive Skills to Manage ADHD in Adults Training | PESI
  • Trauma Based Relational Intervention Introduction Training


Emiliano Diaz de Leon - Texas Association Against Sexual Assault (TAASA)

After more than a decade of experience working for several domestic and sexual violence centers across Texas, Emiliano joined the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault in 2008 and provides training and technical assistance on the prevention of domestic/sexual violence to organizations and institutions around the state and country.

In addition, Emiliano founded and coordinates the state-wide prevention initiative Texas Men S.P.E.A.K. (Supporting Prevention Education Advocacy & Knowledge).


Phyllis Everette - Founder & CEO, Saffron Trust Women's Foundation

Phyllis Everette is a non-profit executive with a deep and dedicated passion for addressing generational poverty and inequality. Having experienced it first hand, Phyllis Everette seeks to create the change she wishes to see in the world and her community at large.  Her focus is on families and youth, namely women. She believes that all people need to be treated with dignity and respect, irrespective of their social standing or economic status.

Phyllis Everette's drive and determination has earned her the respect of top professionals in the fields of law enforcement, education, non-profit work and elected office. Her diverse 25 year experience in corporate environments and first-hand understanding of poverty have uniquely positioned her to effectively address the very issues that challenge our society.

Phyllis Everette is eager to use her moment in history to create a world where every person has equal access to opportunities for growth and development. Her work in the founding and success of Saffron's Trust Women's Foundation serves as an excellent example of this, having assisted countless women living stories just like hers create better outcomes for themselves.

Phyllis is also a life coach and author who holds a Master's of Science in Management, Specialization in Organizational Structure from the College of Saint Elizabeth, New Jersey; and a Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration, concentration in Human Resources Management from Centenary College.

Her accolades and impact on her community have been furthered through the positions she holds as a Committee Member and Senior Community Policymaker.

Equipped with more than 10 years of experience in supporting organizations through the power of people, visions and programs, Phyllis is spearheading changes for the better throughout Texas and beyond.


Jeneice Hall, M.S. CHES®- Austin Public Health Department

Jeneice Hall is on a mission to help others reach their full potential- mind, body, and spirit. She currently works with faith communities and nonprofit organizations to support health through her Public Health Program Coordinator role at Austin Public Health Department.

She is a highly regarded speaker and presenter with a unique health focused background spanning more than 18 years in the military, private, and public health sectors.  She is a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES®) with an M.S. in Health Promotion from the University of West Florida.

Jeneice will share her journey to discover if she was doing self-care right and what she learned along the way.


Jaryn Holbrook Janeway - Out Youth Austin

Jaryn Holbrook Janeway, The Lone Star Diva, is a bigender speaker, educator, and advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community. Jaryn is the co-author of Trans+: Love, Sex, Romance, and Being You, a growing-up guide for trans and non-binary youth, and the Director of Programs and Operations at Out Youth, an Austin-based nonprofit serving LGBTQIA+ youth for 33 years.

Jaryn has worked in the nonprofit sector, specifically youth advocacy and organizing, for 20 years. They have facilitated state-wide youth lobby days, organized state-wide youth leadership and empowerment conferences, and created the Queer Youth Media Project during their time at AGLIFF. They also serve as Chair of the City of Austin's LGBTQ+ Quality of Life Commission, which advises the Austin City Council on issues impacting queer people.

Jaryn's research into the evolutionary importance of storytelling in our everyday lives heavily influences their work and continually seeks new ways for youth to share their stories with the world.


Kelle’ Martin - Executive Director of allgo,

Kelle’ (pronounced Kel) Martin serves as Executive Director of allgo, an organization that nurtures and celebrates LGBTQIA+ BIPOC individuals through health and wellness, cultural arts and social justice programs. He views the world through a lens that tracks the inequities in society around race, gender identity and expression, ability, sexuality, social class, body size, age and ethnicity, which fuels Kelle’s desire to transform the status quo into a place where the most vulnerable populations can live safe, choice filled lives.

Kelle' has a Bachelors in English Lit with a minor in Woman’s & Gender Studies from the University of Texas - Austin, and a Masters in Social Work, concentration in political Social Work, from the University of Houston.  Kelle’ was a Policy Analyst for the bipartisan political caucus, The Legislative Study Group, and is a former Program Manager for the Texas State Independent Council.  He has spent 7 years facilitating students’ development of their academic voices and planting seeds for civic engagement.  Kelle’ has volunteered with allgo since 2007 and has been the Executive Director since January 2022.  He also worked with UT’s Gender and Sexuality Center, volunteered with Houston’s Montrose Center, and Delta Phi Upsilon, Fraternity, Inc